The Office of Academic Support and Advising (OASA) is committed to empowering you with the skills to achieve your academic goals and develop lifelong learning skills. OASA’s caring and supportive staff is dedicated to providing quality guidance, counseling and advocacy services while you’re a student at Austin’s School of Spa Technology.

Goals of the OASA

  • To open clear and concise lines of communication between the OASA and faculty to better serve the needs of the student.
  • To monitor students’ progress and assist them in achieving academic success.
  • To provide students with resources and strategies that will assist them in their studies.
  • To develop a sense of community amongst the students and faculty.
  • OASA provides academic support, coordinates peer tutoring, and advises students with varied academic needs.


Contact Information

Office of Academic Support & Advising
Austin’s School of Spa Technology
855 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

Ability to Benefit (ATB) students may email your advisor at, contact your Program Team Lead, or See the Registrar’s Office.

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